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The Tampa Airport.
Post by All Ears on May 25th, 2014, 02:31am

I must say I was very impresssed with this airport! I know that might sound silly... but it's true!

We flew in/out of Tampa for our WDW/Clearwater trip. And we had a very good experience at this airport.

1. Super easy to navigate.
2. The size of the airport is very manageable.
3. The speed of getting through security was lightening fast.
4. The rental car booths were easy to get to/fast to get in and out of.
5. The airport itself, is very light/bright/modern-looking. It reminded me soooo much of the Barcelona airport.
6. The airport restrooms were some of the cleanest airport restrooms I have ever been to in all of my travels,
7. The cost was cheaper than flying into MCO, and it's only about 1 hr. and 10 minutes from WDW. It's also an easy drive there.
8. No excessive toll roads on your way to WDW!
9. The rental car cost was a bit cheaper than MCO.
10. Bag claim was uber speedy! Like the fastest I have EVER seen my bags come out!

I think I would even consider flying in/out of there again -- even if just going to WDW.