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Mar 21st, 2018, 06:14am

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question What to do for an 18 year-old?
« Thread started on: Feb 22nd, 2012, 08:15am »

So....Tommy wants to do a cruise for his graduation trip next June.

Of course, I LOVE the idea, but I'm wondering if he'll really have a good time. I'm thinking he'll be too old for the teen club, but not really old enough to enjoy the adult areas. undecided

Has anyone done a cruise with an 18 year-old? Were they allowed into the teen club (and to do the teen activities on Castaway Cay), or forced to hang with the adults? Are there any other cruise lines that you'd suggest would be better for someone his age?


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question Re: What to do for an 18 year-old?
« Reply #1 on: Feb 22nd, 2012, 1:22pm »

Denise, DCL is starting to more strictly enforce the age levels for the clubs, especially for older ages wanting to move down a club. If he is already 18 and already graduated, I do not think they will allow him in the teen club. They have in the past allowed 18-year-olds who were still in H.S. move down to the teen club. Not certain what is happening these days (the enforcement of ages really went into affect about three months ago, and reports are still mixed on what DCL is actually doing).

Which ship would you plan on sailing? To me, the older ships (which are my personal favorite) have adult entertainment areas which frankly do not have the appearance of being as exciting as the new ships (Dream and Fantasy). If you were thinking about one of the new ships, he may have a good time in the adult really depends on what he likes to do (and how late he likes to stay up). If the offerings shown on current Navigators don't appeal to him, start looking at other lines.

If he is more sporty/adventure-seeking, Royal Caribbean might be a better fit. Although, again you would need to look at the class of the ship. Sovereign class has an "older" feel to it and not quite as "happening". Radiance class appears more refined. I think he would probably love the Freedom or Voyager class ships - they really kicked off the whole "adventure" feel of RCI.

I go back and forth on Carnival. Sometimes their ships are too much of a party atmosphere, and other times too much of a family atmosphere. They really haven't grasped that middle-of-the-road demographic yet, in my opinion.

Not sure I really helped here!
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