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FP+ selections.
Post by All Ears on Mar 20th, 2014, 08:30am

So I was able to "pre-select" some FPs this week...

My thoughts:
1. I did not know my selections would all be "grouped" out whereby I would have to use option a, b, c, or d. undecided
2. I did not like the above-mentioned groupings given. undecided
3. The system seemed to "time me out" a great deal. undecided
4. One of my "groupings," placed a fast pass within a dining time I had. (even though the system recognized that, it still did it...) undecided
5. I am a PH, so I am not sure I like the FP only being available for 1 park/day. undecided
6. What happens if I book FP for a day and then I do not go into that park & use them... any "penalties?" huh

So, at this point... not as impressed as I had hoped to be.
Re: FP+ selections.
Post by iloverags2 on Mar 20th, 2014, 12:44pm

I am not a fan of FastPass+ in the slightest. My biggest beef is with your number 5. I don't get that. Disney pushes the whole park hopper deal, and yet with FP+ they have absolutely neglected it.

As for your FP within a dining time, that is one of the many glitches being reported with the system. (As is the timing out issue.) Disney directs people to call tech support, and yet there are hold time issues along with general "we can't fix that now" problems.

If you do not use an FP, no you are not penalized. But! You can download the MyMagic mobile app and update FPs while you are in the parks. If something isn't going to work for you, go to the app and change it. Simple as that! Granted there are some bugs with the app as well, although it seems to be working relatively well.

We may be making a visit to WDW in the next month or so. I'm eager/not-so-eager to try out FP+ and the My Magic Experience firsthand. undecided
Re: FP+ selections.
Post by All Ears on Mar 22nd, 2014, 2:53pm

Thanks, Cindy. I appreciate the response. I hope it becomes more "user-friendly" in the future.